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Kevin - Senior Pastor

Kevin Kim

Senior Pastor
11 am korean congregation

Kevin is married to Jessica and together they have two children. Kevin came to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour during his university days and has been serving in full time Christian ministry for over 20 years. In his spare time Kevin loves to listen to classical music and is passionate about the Manchester United football club.

Hui Shin


Hui is married to Hea-Won and together they have three children and a dog. Hui was a Christian from an early age but discovered during his university days that following Jesus meant not only following him as Saviour but also as Lord and King. Now, serving Jesus and making him known is Hui’s greatest privilege and joy. In his spare time, Hui enjoys eating out with the family and following his beloved Arsenal football team.



Dave grew up in the Illawarra wrestling with whether he was really free to approach God. Through the influence of his church community and Christian teachers at High School he realised the greatest freedom we can ever have is knowing that through faith in Christ we may approach God with freedom and confidence. (Eph 4:12) Dave is passionate about helping people navigate their way through the complexities of life by teaching the word of God in an accessible way. Dave is married to Liz and together they are raising their teenage son. Dave served in Asia before joining the team in 2021.

Hank Lee


Hank is married to Sharon and together they have three young children. Hank joined the team in 2015 after completing his studies at Moore Theological College. Asides from knowing and being known by Jesus, Hank’s two biggest joys and love of life are his family and the church family. Coming close at third place is all kinds of physical activities.

John Shin


John is married to Young and together they have three children. John was born into a Christian family but came to own this faith for himself during his university days when he understood the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. In his spare time, John loves to cook delicious food and act as a tour guide.

Mick Chin


Mike is married to Mercie and they have two children, Adelyn and Lincoln. Mike was indifferent to Jesus most of his life until his university days where he heard the wonderful offer of forgiveness at the cross of Jesus. Since then Mike’s Christian life has been a continual reminder of his need for Jesus and a prayerful commitment to obey Jesus each day. In his spare time, Mike enjoys running and spending time in the sun with family and friends.

Mike Taylor


Mike has been married to Pip for 10 years and, after struggling with infertility for six years, is blessed with three children. Mike grew up in a non-Christian family but was told about the gospel from people around him at work and at Uni. Through this he has come to know and serve Jesus as his King and Saviour. In his spare time Mike enjoys playing tennis, playing board games and video games, and he also enjoys the occasional Karaoke session.

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