Why we give

Church giving is one way of showing our gratitude to the generosity of God shown in the death of His son, and recognition that our possessions here on earth are given to us as gifts from God.
Below are a few ways you can start giving.

Ways to give

1. Give via eDebit (request a eDebit form):

For regular giving from your bank account or credit card request a eDebit form above.
To adjust your eDebit giving please contact

2. Bank transfer

For one off or setting up recurring giving via your online banking account.

Name: Anglican Parish of Enfield and Strathfield
Description: (Please indicate the congregation you attend if applicable)
BSB: 012-401
Acc No: 191252963

3. Give via credit card online:

For giving through credit cards. 

Please identify the congregation you belong to (if you don’t have a congregation, you can give under “General”). 

*There is a transaction fee incurred with this method.

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